Ultra Street Fighter IV Gets ‘Wild’ Furry Fighter DLC

usfiv wild costumes dlc Do you find that there aren’t enough costumes in Ultra Street Fighter IV to appease you? Well worry not, because Capcom has just revealed their new costume DLC plans during GameStart’s Capcom Fighters Exhibition Stream. Entitled ‘Wild’ this upcoming DLC package will introduce 5 new animal themed costumes to Ryu, Hakan, Cammy, Dudley, and Gen.

USFIV Wild DLC Gen Goat Costume

Gen gets transformed into a goat.

USFIV Wild DLC Dudley Bulldog Costume

Dudley becomes a British bulldog.

USFIV Wild DLC Cammy Fox Costume

Cammy gets decked out in fox attire.

USFIV Wild DLC Haken Octopus Costume

Hakan transforms into a slippery octopus.

USFIV Wild DLC Ryu Wolf Costume

Ryu turns into a fighting wolf.

No release date has been given for these DLC costumes, but more news should be coming soon.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is also going to be receiving a free update very soon, which will include an all new game play mode. Dubbed  ‘Omega Mode,’ all the characters in the game will receive new moves, as well as having Red Focus and Ultra Double Combo’s removed from their arsenal. Some new moves being added are a parry for Ryu, 2 new kick attacks for Ken, and Blanka gets a new attack that allows him to burrow underground before jumping out with an electrified attack. Expect a full blog post about Omega Mode coming as soon as more details are revealed in the coming weeks.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is currently available on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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