Ultra Street Fighter IV Update Details

Ultra Streer Fighter IV 1.04 As we’ve reported earlier, Ultra Street Fighter IV is due for an update that will introduce new costumes and gameplay modes to the series. Today, several new details about the Version 1.04 update have emerged online. Capcom has also confirmed that this update will be released shortly after Capcom Cup (Dec, 13, 2014). The most notable additions being added to USFIV are Edition Select, New Training Mode Trials, and Omega Mode. Unfortunately, none of the highly anticipated Wild costumes will be accessible this time around, but the support files to use them are included in the update.

Edition Select
Players will now be able quick any version of their favorite characters from any version of SFIV. There will also be icons added to help in distinguishing which version of a character you’re fighting against. You can turn Edition Select ON/OFF in the Custom Match search settings or when creating lobbies.

New Training Mode Trials
Now you can take your game to the next level as you try to complete trials for Yun, Yang, Oni, Evil Ryu, Hugo, Elena, Decapre, Poison and Rolento! In addition to these new trials, you also find trial updates in place for characters that have gotten drastic changes in their balance since their USFIV update.

Omega Mode
The entire SFIV experience you’ve come to know gets re-imagined in the all new Omega Mode! Every character has been given new specials, as well as adjustments on their normal attacks to make them that much more fun and hype. Omega Mode places a larger emphasis on fun, rather than balance, and therefore can only be used in unranked matches.

Wild costumes compatibility files
Compatibility files will also be added allowing players to use the Wild costumes immediately after they’re available for purchase. Speaking of the Wild costumes, we’ve finally gotten some screenshots of what they look like in game!

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