Übel Blatt – A Manga About Elves, Gore And Sex

ubel-blatt-featured Übel Blatt is one of the goriest manga series currently being published in Japan. This adrenaline fueled masterpiece by Etorouji Shiono has published 13 volumes to date. Any fan of the Berserk series will instantly connect with the medieval, fantasy-like story that leaps off the pages before them. Übel Blatt tells the troublesome tale of Koinzell, a lone hero betrayed by his friends and out for revenge. The “7 Heroes” of Wischtech must die in order to restore honer to the names of the “4 Lances of Betrayal.” Long before Koinzell was a half human child with a huge scar over his left eye, he was one of Szaalenden’s strongest Blatt Meisters (Blade Masters). That was 20 years ago, and he was a prodigious boy known as Ascheriit. Given his skills he joined 13 other great warriors to form the Empire of Szaalenden’s 14 “Lances.” These 14 warriors were given the task to travel to the nation of Wischtech and defeat a powerful evil invader. 3 Lances died on the journey and 7 others were too frightened to complete the task at hand. This left only Ascheriit and 3 remaining Lances to complete the dangerous quest and defeat a powerful enemy. Miraculously these 4 heroes actually succeeded at pulling off the impossible. The weary and injured 4 begin their journey back to Szaalenden to report their success to the king.

The Seven Heroes From Ubel BlattThe remaining seven Lances attack the heroic four and label them traitors of Szaalenden.

The 4 heroes are suddenly attacked and murdered by their 7 companions deep within Wischtech forest. Ascheriit witnessed his best friend killed, had his left eye gouged out, and was stab and slashed to ribbons, but managed to survive after eating a fairy. Over the course of 20 years Ascheriit’s body regenerating deep within the bowels of the forest. His form changed into a human-fairy child hybrid and he developed the ability to create a chain of black magic swords from his right wrist. With his new appearance he adopted the new name of Koinzell and the quest for revenge begins.  Upon reentering civilization he discovers his former name of Ascheriit is listed among the “Lances Of Betrayal,” while those that murdered him are now known as the “Seven Heroes” of Szaalenden. These Seven Heroes honored among the citizens of Szaalenden, while they live expensive, corrupt, and sinful lives.

Gore Filled Manga Series Ubel BlattKoinzell uses his black chain swords to slice and dice through armor and flesh with ease

Koinzell is cold, ruthless, and brutal when slaying his enemies, bur puts himself at great risk for those who he considers friends. He forges several allegiances and friendships in Wischtech that follow him throughout his adventurer. He enters the town of Heaven’s Lance, looking for a way to be smuggled into Szaalenden territory. There he meets the trio of Peepi, Altea, and Val on a  journey down a hidden pathway in the sewers that leads to Szaalenden. Altea has never smuggled anyone down this path because it’s rumored to be guarded by a great beast, but it’s the quickest route to help Koinzell on his quest. The rumors turn out to be true and the sewer is guarded buy a giant that likes to eat woman. Koinzell and Val must defeat beast and keep Peepi and Altea from being eaten alive.

Peepi And Altea Face The Sewer GiantCan Koinzell defeat this woman eating sewer giant and enter the Empire of Szaalenden?

Does Koinzell have the power to defeat this monster and save his friends? Can he make it in to Szaalenden and kill all of the Seven Heroes? You’ll have to start reading Übel Blatt for yourself if you want the answers to these compelling questions.

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