Tokyo Ghoul – Season 1 Anime Review

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Review Today we’re reviewing Tokyo Ghoul, one of the latest horror action anime series. The plot revolves around the clash between two worlds and the transition between one world in to another. Tokyo Ghoul is a fairly simple anime series to follow and doesn’t over complicate things with excessive plot elements. The story takes place in a dark and gruesome modern-day city  with murder, revenge, and fear moving the story forward, however a lot of the drama aspects of the series are lacking or miss the mark entirely. The overall plot progression is mediocre for an action anime, in the way the series tells the many conflicts between both humans and ghouls. You will however see both sides of the conflict, as the anime will takes turns and switching perspectives between that of the humans and the ghouls.

The characters in Tokyo ghoul are rather mediocre, Kaneki’s a timid young boy who’s extremely indecisive from start to finish. His development throughout the series was the worst considering he’s the lead character, he is disappointing, helpless and powerless until the finale. Kirishima Touka is the female heroine of the series, she’s the type of girl who curses, has short temper, and a generic past that doesn’t seem to mater in the overall development of the series. Other characters like Tsukiyama and Jason are characters that come off well and given the anime dark personas that end up overshadowing the main characters.

I can say is that the music is really good, it fits the all the scenes in which create horror, suspense and action. The opening and ending songs are amazing in my opinion. The voices of each character really suit them as well, I’ve got no complaints with the voice actors and actresses used.

The animation is pretty good, but far from perfect. The good points are that the gruesome and horror scenes are well animated, another positive is the expressions seen on the characters when they’re showing their emotions. One of the bad points is the censorship in the TV aired episodes of the anime, it kills some of the action and fight scenes, which is a real turn off. Overall the animation is good enough, I haven’t see any mistakes with it.

I am the type of otaku who enjoys horror and dark themed anime, Tokyo Ghoul lacks a lot of things, but it did enough to me to keep watching until the season finale. Character development and plot progression were the only things that left me feeling disappointed.

Story: 7/10
Characters: 5/10
Music: 8/10
Animation: 7/10
Overall Enjoyment: 6.7/10

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