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Kotobukiya Street Fighter Cammy Bishoujo Statue

Cammy -Bishoujo Version- 1/7th Scale Statuette Review

With the release of Street Fighter IV’s Omega Mode and news that Street Fighter V is in the works, I felt inclined to pick up some new Street Fighter swag to add to my collection. Imagine my surprise when I found this highly detailed Cammy statuette for under $65 on Amazon! Based on an illustration […]

Ultra Streer Fighter IV 1.04

Ultra Street Fighter IV Update Details

As we’ve reported earlier, Ultra Street Fighter IV is due for an update that will introduce new costumes and gameplay modes to the series. Today, several new details about the Version 1.04 update have emerged online. Capcom has also confirmed that this update will be released shortly after Capcom Cup (Dec, 13, 2014). The most […]

usfiv wild costumes dlc

Ultra Street Fighter IV Gets ‘Wild’ Furry Fighter DLC

Do you find that there aren’t enough costumes in Ultra Street Fighter IV to appease you? Well worry not, because Capcom has just revealed their new costume DLC plans during GameStart’s Capcom Fighters Exhibition Stream. Entitled ‘Wild’ this upcoming DLC package will introduce 5 new animal themed costumes to Ryu, Hakan, Cammy, Dudley, and Gen.

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