Raidou Returns In Dead or Alive 5: Last Round!

raidou-doa5lr It’s just been confirmed by Famitsu magazine, that the original boss character from Dead Or Alive will be making his return to the DOA franchise. After hinting last month that 2 new characters were being added to Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, we’re finally getting some details about one of them, Raidou. Raidou however, will not look like his former self, he will be enhanced with cyborg technology when he makes his long awaited return. Unfortunately no gameplay or still images of Raidou in DOA5LR have surfaced yet, but here’s everything we know about this classic DOA character to date.

Raidou was born as the eldest son to the main family of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan. He was praised at one time for his natural talent for the arts of the Tenjinmon style of Mugen Tenshin Ryu Ninjutsu. His father, Burai, was the 17th Master Ninja of the clan at the time.

As Raidou’s training intensified, Burai became uneasy with his eldest child. While Raidou’s younger brother Shiden took the clan’s principles as his own, Raidou’s fighting style was only suited to murder his opponent. As the years went by into adulthood, Raidou critically injured every sparring partner he had with no remorse or restraint. Some of them wound up dead, causing Burai to regret ever teaching him the highest skills of the Tenjinmon’s teachings. Sensing a great darkness within Raidou, he feared that the path Raidou walked would lead the clan to its destruction. So he gave the title of Chief Ninja to Shiden and taught him the technique given once a generation from one clan chief to the next.

Raidou felt betrayed by his father, and never spoke to him for a time. When Burai came to see him, Raidou let out a sinister laugh as his lips curled into a deformed smile. Crimson lightning made from his own evil Ki rode up and down his body as he left the Tenjinmon house. He hid his presence from the villagers as he departed, no longer a human to the clan, but a demon.

Dead Or Alive Ayane vs Raidou  DOA Raidou vs Kasumi

Some time along the way, Raidou developed his uncanny ability to copy the skills and techniques of every warrior he had encountered. With it, he traveled and “stole” various techniques from various fighters, soon surpassing the rest of his clan in strength. Raidou always had a lustful eye for Ayame, so while Shiden was away, Raidou easily overpowered Ayame and raped her. This vicious crime ended in the birth of Ayane, and Raidou being exiled from the clan.

About sixteen years later, Raidou returned to the village once more, launching an assault in order to gain the clan’s special technique: the Torn Sky Blast. Easily overpowering Ayane and Hayate at normal hand-to-hand combat, Hayate tried to use the Torn Sky Blast against him, despite Ayane’s pleas against it. Raidou succeeded in copying the technique from Hayate, and after a short “energy duel”, Raidou overpowered Hayate with it, making him crash into a tree and crippling his spine, making him slip into a coma.

DOA Raidou vs Hayate  DOA Raidou vs Hayate

One month after injuring Hayate and gaining the Torn Sky Blast, Raidou continued to travel the world, defeating fighters and stealing techniques; it is not known if he officially entered the Dead or Alive Tournament, but he could have in order to steal techniques from the greatest fighters in the world.

Eventually, he was found by Kasumi, who had been looking for the person who crippled her brother, and was killed by her own hand as an honour killing for Hayate.

DOA Raidou Profile

The only other new news about Dead or Alive 5 Last Round is that buyers of the game will also receive the “NINJA2015 costume” DLC pack. Four of the women characters in the game will receive special swimsuit costumes. They will also receive a special gravure movie as part of the package.

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round are currently available for pre-order on Amazon for $39.99.

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