Prinz Eugen, KanColle Picture Pack VOL 1

Prinz Eugen Kantai Collection 07 If you’re unfamiliar with Prinz Eugen or KanColle, please read on while I enlighten you. KanColle, also know as Kantai Collection, is an online web browser-based card game. One must assume the role of an navel admiral and assemble a fleet of ‘ship girls’ known as ‘kanmusu.’ These kanmusu are all based on WWII era ships and submarines, and are your defense against attacking alien warships.

Prinz Eugen is card no. 176 and an Admiral Hipper-Class Heavy Cruiser in the game. Card no. 177 is an upgraded version called Prinz Eugen Kai and has enhanced attacking and defense stats. Her name itself is a play on ‘Prince Eugene,’ an important field marshall in Austrian military history.

Unfortunately, unless you know how to read Japanese, American gamers are unable to play KanColle at this point in time. There have been no discussions to translate the game for a western audience, but fret not! Kantai Collection is actually getting its own anime adaption that’s scheduled to begin airing this coming January! If you, like me, don’t mind reading subtitles, then you’ll be able to enjoy viewing KanColle on Crunchy Roll and similar streaming services very soon!

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