usfiv wild costumes dlc

Ultra Street Fighter IV Gets ‘Wild’ Furry Fighter DLC

Do you find that there aren’t enough costumes in Ultra Street Fighter IV to appease you? Well worry not, because Capcom has just revealed their new costume DLC plans during GameStart’s Capcom Fighters Exhibition Stream. Entitled ‘Wild’ this upcoming DLC package will introduce 5 new animal themed costumes to Ryu, Hakan, Cammy, Dudley, and Gen.

USFIV Wild DLC Gen Goat Costume

Gen gets transformed into a goat.

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Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Review

Tokyo Ghoul – Season 1 Anime Review

Today we’re reviewing Tokyo Ghoul, one of the latest horror action anime series. The plot revolves around the clash between two worlds and the transition between one world in to another. Tokyo Ghoul is a fairly simple anime series to follow and doesn’t over complicate things with excessive plot elements. The story takes place in a dark and gruesome modern-day city  with murder, revenge, and fear moving the story forward, however a lot of the drama aspects of the series are lacking or miss the mark entirely. The overall plot progression is mediocre for an action anime, in the way the series tells the many conflicts between both humans and ghouls. You will however see both sides of the conflict, as the anime will takes turns and switching perspectives between that of the humans and the ghouls.

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BJW Deathmatch Wrestling 01

BJW Deathmatch Wrestling – The Bloodiest Japanese Wrestling

Yes, we all know professional wrestling is fake, to a degree. The matches are predetermined, the moves are choreographed, and the storylines are just a male oriented soap opera. Does that mean everything in wrestling is fake? Not in the slightest! Athletes still have amazing skill and strength and every match takes its toll on the human body. While the typical chair shot to the head, powerbomb through a table, or fall from a ladder comes with risk, there are athletes who take it one step further. These crazy individuals are known as deathmatch wrestlers and battle it out with barbed wire  fire, broken glass, and fluorescent light tubes. While the deathmatch style is common place all over the world, nobody does it better then Big Japan Wrestling (BJW). If you’re new to this style of violent enterainment or looking for the cream of the crop, look no further than the roster of BJW.

While the typical card for a BJW event features more traditional style wrestling, deathmatches have been BJW’s main attraction since its foundation and first event on March 16, 1995 at Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium.

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Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round, New Details Revealed

We haven’t received much information about Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round since it’s trailer first debuted at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show. All we’ve known up until this point is that all the characters and alternate outfits from DOA5 Ultimate would be getting upgraded and ported over to the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Thankfully, the creative director of Team Ninja, Tom Lee, answered some of our questions during a recent press tour. During this Q&A session many more details about the game have been revealed to us, including a release date, 2 new characters, and 2 new stages!

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Übel Blatt – A Manga About Elves, Gore And Sex

Übel Blatt is one of the goriest manga series currently being published in Japan. This adrenaline fueled masterpiece by Etorouji Shiono has published 13 volumes to date. Any fan of the Berserk series will instantly connect with the medieval, fantasy-like story that leaps off the pages before them. Übel Blatt tells the troublesome tale of Koinzell, a lone hero betrayed by his friends and out for revenge. The “7 Heroes” of Wischtech must die in order to restore honer to the names of the “4 Lances of Betrayal.” Long before Koinzell was a half human child with a huge scar over his left eye, he was one of Szaalenden’s strongest Blatt Meisters (Blade Masters). That was 20 years ago, and he was a prodigious boy known as Ascheriit. Given his skills he joined 13 other great warriors to form the Empire of Szaalenden’s 14 “Lances.” These 14 warriors were given the task to travel to the nation of Wischtech and defeat a powerful evil invader. 3 Lances died on the journey and 7 others were too frightened to complete the task at hand. This left only Ascheriit and 3 remaining Lances to complete the dangerous quest and defeat a powerful enemy. Miraculously these 4 heroes actually succeeded at pulling off the impossible. The weary and injured 4 begin their journey back to Szaalenden to report their success to the king.

The Seven Heroes From Ubel BlattThe remaining seven Lances attack the heroic four and label them traitors of Szaalenden.

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Souryuu Asuka Langley Picture Pack Vol 1

Asuka Langley Souryuu Picture Pack Vol 1

If you’re anything like me, that means you probably have a crush on Asuka Langley Souryuu. This fiery 14 year old redhead from Germany has captured the hearts of tsundere fans around the world. Dare I even say that I think she was the best character in the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise? Todays featured picture pack is for all us guys that couldn’t get enough Asuka in the anime series. I hope you enjoy this, the very first volume of Asuka Langley pictures to be featured on our blog.

The Second Child of the of the Evangelion Project looks way better in her plugsuit than she does piloting Evangelion Unit-02, wouldn’t you agree? Maybe you should continue onward and view the remaining 22 safe for work pictures.

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