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Drifters Featured Manga Review Drifters, is the manga that Kouta Hirano has been working on since ending the Hellsing series. Okay, so right there, you should expect that it’s going to contain some blood, dark humor, violence…and, well, more violence! Set in a magical world that’s been overrun by humans, Historical characters are resurrected from death to clash with one another in action packed battles. Just like in his previous work, Kouta,  depicts the chaos and insanity of the story he’s created with his unique art style we’ve grown to love. If you’re in to things like History, real world Generals, war, strategy, and violence, then Drifters just might be the manga you’ve been looking for.

Think back through all the alternate universe/ timeline plots you’ve read and you’ll probably realize they all have one thing in common…it definitely has something to do with the modern world. Indeed, whether it is a ninja arriving in modern time or some kid who went to the demon world, there’s always a link to our daily life so we can relate to it better… Drifter throws that out the window

Without spoiling or going in too deep, Drifters is about a bunch of warriors from all cultures, who are sent to a magical world after their death…or sent to the world right before they died. So essentially you have a heap of warriors and a massive piece of land… the only logical step is for them to make a name for themselves, right? A collaboration with not relation to the modern world is pretty exciting idea and rather enjoyable.

There are two points of interest in Drifters. First is the characters, which are mostly war heroes such as Nobunaga from Japan and Napoleon from France. If you are well researched with your history of war, you will probably understand most of the references as you read away. Fortunately, they didn’t go overboard with details and the Historical elements aren’t vital to the overall story, So even if your not in to History, it’s ok.

Second point is the art of war. Here we are talking about war tactics, where generals make elaborate plans to destroy their enemies without losing too much on their side. Though the manga hasn’t really lifted off it showed enough ‘art’ to impress so great things can be expected later on. There aren’t that many chapters as of yet, so it’s hard for me to really say anything about the story. Clearly it is going somewhere, but at the moment I’m not really sure where.

Overall this is definitely one for the history freaks and even if you’re not, this manga shouldn’t feel too alienating, so have a go at it!

Story: 6
Art: 8
Characters: 8
Enjoyment: 9
Overall: 7.5

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