Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round, New Details Revealed

DEAD OR ALIVE 5 LAST ROUND We haven’t received much information about Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round since it’s trailer first debuted at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show. All we’ve known up until this point is that all the characters and alternate outfits from DOA5 Ultimate would be getting upgraded and ported over to the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Thankfully, the creative director of Team Ninja, Tom Lee, answered some of our questions during a recent press tour. During this Q&A session many more details about the game have been revealed to us, including a release date, 2 new characters, and 2 new stages!

The game has been given a February 17th, 2015 release date. It will include all of the content released since the first Dead Or Alive 5 came out two years ago, but feature two new characters as well. While tight-lipped about these new characters, Lee did describe 1 being a woman and the other a man. There will been some minor balance changes made to current rosters, and the game will now boast over 400 alternate costumes to choose from.

The two new stages, are actually returning stages from previous versions of DOA. The first stage is called ‘Crimson’ and returns from Dead Or Alive 2. Lee describes this stage as being the new signature stage for Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round, because it takes advantage of everything they can now do. For example, when you knock an opponent off a ledge, they can actually grab on and hang from the ledge, and even block the other character while they’re hanging.

Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round Crimson Stage
The second stage being remastered for Last Round is a fan favorite from the original Dead Or Alive, ‘Danger Zone.’ It’s a large elevator traveling down a high-tech shaft, complete with electrified hot zones of the floor.

Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round Danger Zone
Other details revealed during Tom Lee’s interview are that Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 owners will also be able to purchase a digital copy of the game. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will both run at 1080p and 60 frames-per-second, and have identical content, no console exclusives are planned.

While Lee says DOA5 Last Round is meant to be the definitive final release, he also said a new stage or character released through DLC isn’t entirely impossible.

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round are currently available for pre-order on Amazon for $39.99.

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