Dead Master -Original Version- 1/8th Scale Figure Review

Dead Master Original PVC Featured Image Dead Master is one of those characters that shouldn’t need an introduction to any modern-day anime fan. By now, you’ve probably already been subjected to hundreds of animated gifs, Youtube AMV’s, and fan art drawings featuring this fearsome scythe wielding gothic lolita from the Black ★ Rock Shooter series. She is of course, Yomi Takanashi’s alter personality and one of the major protagonist/antagonist in the BRS manga and anime universe. Today we’re going to be reviewing one of the many Dead Master PVC statuettes to be released by Good Smile Company, the Dead Master -Original Version- 1/8 Scale PVC Figure.

BRS Dead Master 1/8th Scale PVC Figure Box 01     BRS Dead Master 1/8th Scale PVC Figure Box 02
Good Smile Company – Dead Master -Original Version- Box
All photos by Foo-Bar-Baz

She comes well packaged in a sturdy corrugated cardboard box, just like all the other BRS figures by Good Smile Company, however her box is accented by three glow in the dark skulls. The phosphorescent paint used on these skulls is actually surprisingly bright and gives off a scary green glow in a pitch dark room.

Sculpted by Akeji, the same artist who designed Black Rock Shooter Original version and Black Blade version figures. She’s a 1/8th scale figure, and large 1/8th at that, when you factor in her large base to her final height. She is a surprisingly detailed figure for her price range, from the tip of her intricate horns, right down to her crumbling grungy base. Despite her rather static pose, there are some nice motion details molded into her dress ruffles and pant cuffs. Overall however, I feel with her posing, Dead Master looks her best when her right side is prominently displayed.

The paintwork on Dead Master is great in the sense that it’s been kept rather simple. Her hair is accented with a very dark green tint, that looks great in person, but doesn’t show in photos quite so well. The skirt of her dress, like her hair, is made from a softer type of plastic material. Dead Master’s wings are made from a solid black plastic with a touch of dark brown shading. The scythe she carries and base she stands on both have a nice grungy style paint effect applied to them. There is little to no shading on this figures skin and dress, but she doesn’t need it, as the folds sculpted into her clothing provide a natural shading over the entire figure.

From a distance, Dead Master looks as evil and eerie as her character is designed to be. When viewing her up close however, she actually takes on the cute and innocent appearance of her Yomi Takanashi form. The base itself is solid and supports Dead Master extremely well, her feet are secured by pegs that firmly connect her to the base. Her scythe simply slides into one of her hands and rests in a large crack in the base. She also comes with the option to display her with one of her skulls. The skull is attached to one of Dead Master’s finger claws that has been made so that you simply remove the entire finger with the skull attached and replace it with another finger without a skull.

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