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Seika Taketomi Featured Japanese Babe

Seika Taketomi – Japanese Babe Of The Week!

Seika Taketomi has the honour of being our final Japanese Babe of the Week for 2014. A lot of you out there may already be familiar with this beautiful  actress / fashion model from Aichi, Japan. She has been seen appearing on several popular TV Dramas and Japanese movies since breaking out in 2011. She has even recently begun doing voice […]

Junko Enoshima Dangan Ronpa Cosplay by Miyuko 04

Dangan Ronpa Junko Enoshima Cosplay By Miyuko!

Popular Japanese cosplayer, Miyuko, has just released another set of cute photos to entice the hentai within you. In her latest batch of images, Miyuko visits the Dangan Ronpa franchise by dressing up like the lead villainess, Junko Enoshima. Never one to miss a single detail, Miyuko has knocked another cosplay outfit out of the ballpark! She has Junko’s blue eyes and long, thick, strawberry blonde […]


Mariko Okubo – Japanese Babe Of The Week!

Congratulations to Mariko Okubo (おおくぼ まりこ), the official Japanese babe of the week! She is a widely published swimsuit model who was discovered at the Marine Sea Story Audition in 2003. Originally born on September 7th, 1984 in Sasebo City, Nagasaki, she moved to Fukuoka, Japan, where she attended elementary school. She later moved to Hyogo and remained there […]

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