Cammy -Bishoujo Version- 1/7th Scale Statuette Review

Kotobukiya Street Fighter Cammy Bishoujo Statue With the release of Street Fighter IV’s Omega Mode and news that Street Fighter V is in the works, I felt inclined to pick up some new Street Fighter swag to add to my collection. Imagine my surprise when I found this highly detailed Cammy statuette for under $65 on Amazon! Based on an illustration by Japanese illustrator Shunya Yamashita, this 1/7th scale statue represents Cammy in all her sexy glory. If you like Cammy or just want a great statue in general, you won’t be disappointed with this one. From head to toe this statue has a level of detail that puts some higher priced statues to shame.

Manufactured by Kotobukiya, Cammy is 1/7 scale, and seems reasonably large, compared to early 1/8th scale bishoujo figures. She’s practically ready for display right out of the box, her only ‘accessories’ being two stickers that you can affix to the base. Neither visible in these product shots, but for those who are curious, one is a Street Fighter logo and the other is a reproduction of the artwork this figure is based on.

Her body build is one interesting aspect of her design. Designer Shunya Yamashita specializes in drawing attractive anime girls and in this culture, bulging and chiseled muscles are not considered beautiful by the mainstream. Cammy’s body is ripped in an accurate representation of her appearance in Street Fighter IV, in which most of the characters have almost comically huge muscles. I do like the way she’s sculpted though; she looks very strong while still maintaining a feminine look. Her leotard is a little smaller than usual, and is also cut much higher on her hips than in the video games. It’s sort of a shameless design but it looks great. The wrinkles in the material give it a heightened sense of realism as she turns around, and its tightness adds to her appeal in very obvious ways. And while we’re talking about immodesty, lets talk about her backside, since it is so prominently emphasized in both this figure and in her character design. She has a great looking ass; it’s quite large despite her more-or-less petite build and it’s entirely visible.

Her pose is a little odd; it’s a typical fighting game pose, I guess but it’s not evident what she’s doing, aside from looking sexy. I’m guessing that the main purpose of her stance is to show off her ass, which it does quite effectively.

I’ve only got one real complaint, instead of using tightly-fitting pegs to attach to her base, Cammy has slots on the bottom of her feet that fit loosely into standoffs on the base. That means that whenever you pick her up, her base often slides right off, which is a little annoying. I’m guessing there wasn’t enough room in her feet for pegs, given her high heels, but other manufacturers have come up with ways to get around that and it would have been nice if Kotobukiya had done so as well.

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