Good Smile Company – 1/8th Scale Akemi Homura PVC statue

Good Smile Company - Akemi Homura PVC Statuette 22 Today we are taking a look at an amazing 1/8th scale Akemi Homura PVC statue made by the Good Smile Company. For those of you unfamiliar with whom Akemi Homura is, she is one of the main characters in the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series. This series is best known for taking the usually upbeat and happy magical girl genera, and turning it in to a dark depressing saga. I personally recommend that anyone who hasn’t heard of this series to watch the anime and read the manga. It’s a compelling story where magical girls live hopeless lives of despair, in exchange for the power to battle witches. Internal struggles and the dark secrets regarding the nature and origin of magical girls, wreak havoc on the lives of 5 middle school girls, all the while the destruction of the world nears ever closer. I’ll write a review for the anime and manga very soon, but for now, lets move on to our Akemi Homura statuette review!

Good Smile Akemi Homura PVC Statuette Box Front     Good Smile Akemi Homura PVC Statuette Box Back
Good Smile Company – Akemi Homura PVC Statuette Box
All photos by Hobby Holic

Like most Good Smile Company figures, we get a great initial view of Akemi Homura, thanks to the large submarine windows on the front and side of the box. The design on the back of the package is great as well, it will be instinctively to stare at the artwork before opening the box.

In her standard state, Akemi Homura makes a poses that emphasize the soul gem on the left hand. Her face looks dead on to how she was styled in the Madoka Magica anime, and her pessimistic expression captures the gloomy atmosphere of both the character and series. She does have a more overall sober tone about her in comparison to the Madoka companion figures.

Her hair ribbons and dress have a wonderful flow to them, and the figure literally looks like it’s about to jump into life. Akemi Homura’s slender long legs are covered by her characteristic shinny diamond pattern pantyhose, giving her a distinctive presence in your PVC figure collection.

Both of Homura’s arms can be removed and replaced with new hands that hold weapons to transform her in to ‘battle mode’. She’s now armed with a Beretta M92FS and a shield that allows her to freeze and move backwards through time.

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