Akame ga KILL – Great Manga Or Guilty Pleasure?

akame-ga-kiru When I first read the plot summary of Akame ga KILL, I thought it would be another fantasy and party adventure type series. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Many manga summaries have the word “assassin” in them, with most of them being either the historical type or shonen type where the protagonist is unwilling to kill. However, this is different. When they say “assassin”, they meant it literally. If I have to give a metaphor, it would be like a Robin Hood based story, but instead of stealing from the rich, he’d kill the rich and save the poor, as in this story, most of the wealthy ones are corrupted individuals.

This manga has a lot of gore, although it is not on Elfen Lied level. It shows scenes of death and torture, one example is the tearing off a face. Thus, if you can’t handle those kind of thing, this manga is probably not for you. However, if you can handle gore, you will definitely enjoy reading Akame ga KILL. The fight scenes in this manga are pretty decent and I have no complaints about the art style.

Akame ga Kill Manga 09
In this story, there are several characters with their own personal armament, which if I have to compare it something, would be like an Noble Phantasm from the Fate series. They come in all kind of sizes and shapes, with some taking the form of traditional weapons like Katanas and guns, to absurd weapon like scissors and dolls. There is even an armor which might remind fans of Kamen Rider series.

The main protagonist is actually likeable. Unlike a character like Ouma Shu from the much-hated Guilty Crown series, he is decisive. Although the main character’s group kills evil people, they know they themselves are murderers and are equally sinful, with none of them having a personality like Light Yagami. The majority of the antagonist of this series, have warped minds.

When I read through 10 chapters or so, I thought: “Wow, is this another Gen Urobuchi work or something?”. The reason being, the author doesn’t hesitate to kill off his characters, so you can expect important character deaths here and there due to the heavy amount of death throughout the whole series. The story is pretty basic so I won’t comment on it. There is also comedy in it like most shonen manga and a hilarious love comedy in the recent chapters.

Story: 6
Art: 8
Characters: 9
Enjoyment: 10
Overall: 8

In the end, if you are looking for a manga to enjoy or kill time, Akame ga KILL won’t be a disappointment. But if you are looking for series like Highschool DxD or Rosario+Vampire (Ecchi), I am afraid this is not what you want. There is fanservice but in moderation and close to none.

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