Akame Ga Kill – Anime Series Review

Akame ga Kill Anime Series 23 Every once in a while, the stars will align just right, and a manga series you enjoy will be adapted into an anime. Your favorite setting, your favorite overarching plot, and your favorite character tropes: everything is in place to give you an incredible viewing experience that will stay with you for a long time to come. However, even when all of the proper elements are in place, the possibility of something ruining the formula still exists. So, when this happens, is it still possible to extract enough enjoyment out of the series to say that it was worth it?

The story in Akame Ga Kill goes as this. A boy named Tatsumi sets out to the capital to earn money for his starving village. He soon comes to a realization that the capital is corrupted. Before falling prey into the corrupted government himself, Tatsumi is recruited into Night Raid, a group of assassins who dedicate their lives to erasing the corruption of the capital’s Prime Minister and child Emperor and killing those who are responsible.

I love the gritty and dark setting as much as anyone and when executed properly (e.g. Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan etc.) it makes the show all the more badass or/and thought-provoking, whichever you are into. Akame ga Kill on the other hand doesn’t know what it wants to be. It’s neither a slasher/action show, nor a comedy, but it constantly throws these half-baked jokes and anime tropes at us and I have no idea what we are supposed to make of them? Tension relief? There wasn’t any tension to begin with. The world is so relaxed about the concept of killing in general it feels like I’m watching an MMO show, where your death doesn’t mean much. All in all with a constant change from gritty dark to comedy and slasher (and even Harem at times, I kid you not) it ruins the atmosphere, regardless of what you see this show as.

The art certainly showed that White Fox can animate an action series, eyesgasming detailed shots and awesome slow-mo moments, but at the same time it should also show them that they shouldn’t be try to change the mood with art styles that looks like something from a gag comedy, but hey, at least it worked, one minute you’re watching intensely and using your psychic power to see who’s going to die, the next ten minutes you start shipping the cast together.

The characters. well what can I say, most of them died when I was on episode 12 so there wasn’t much development beside some kind of dark/badass back story so the viewers can try to sympathize with them. Tatsumi himself feel like a generic shounen MC as he get over his comrade’s death as soon as the next episode start, even if there were scenes that showed how much he valued them. While the whole cast of this show may have look like characters that have roles similar to those of it Fate/Zero (many characters that have balanced screen time, making you think that they’re all main characters), it is not, as you get halfway through the series you’ll find yourself making bets with other fans on who’s dying next, heck, you’ll even find yourself wonder where the hell Akame, the title girl is.

As much as I like reading the manga, reading the manga is (to a degree) why I didn’t enjoy the show as much as others…. until you got to the last 4 or 5 episodes. White Fox decided to have Akame Ga Kill receive an ANIME ORIGINAL ENDING. White Fox did a bad job hiding the fact that they had skipped the Wild Hunt arc, even anime only viewers would notice something is missing. Although, I got to admit, the ending is what I would imagine for the manga when it reaches its conclusion.

As an anime, Akame Ga Kill handled itself pretty nicely. It is decently paced, aside from some moments in the manga that White Fox completely left out. One issue I have however, is that I have a problem deciding whether or not Akame Ga Kill is supposed to be dark and brutal or just light-hearted. There are multiple scenes were in the middle of a serious dramatic battle, some comedy is implemented. To me, it kind of kills the mood that the show is trying to portray. Akame Ga Kill was a faithful adaptation to the original source until the last 5 episodes. It’s not the best adaptation ever but it’s not the worst one either. The show was good, it could have been better as it had a lot of potential.

Story: 6/10
Characters: 6/10
Music: 7/10
Animation: 8/10
Overall Enjoyment: 6.5/10

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